Pickleball Ladder Rules

Pickleball Ladder Rules:

  • Players can only register for one team per season.
  • Challenger supplies approved indoor/outdoor Pickle balls.
  • Players agree on location to play.
  • Games are played 1st to 11 points by 2.
  • Matches are 2 out of 3 games.
  • Match needs to be played within 7 days of the challenge.
  • After match is completed, winners submit match score.
  • Teams are awarded points based on this scale:
  • Teams earn 1 point for playing a game.
  • Teams earn 3 points for winning a game.
  • Winning over a higher-ranked player earns 2 additional points.
  • Winner by forfeit earns 3 points.
  • Winning where opponents retire early earns 3 points.