Tennis Ladder Rules

Tennis Ladder Rules:

  • Challenger brings new can of balls
  • Players agree on a location to play.
  • In lieu of a third set, players can mutually agree to a 10 point tie breaker.
  • The match needs to be played within 7 days of the challenge.
  • Matches are 2 out of 3 sets.
  • Players must win at least 6 games to win a set.
  • A set must be won by at least 2 games.
  • Tiebreaks are allowed.
  • Players are awarded points based on this scale:
    • Players earn 2 points for playing a match.
    • Players earn 3 points for each set won.
    • Winning over a higher-ranked player earns 2 additional points.
    • Winner by forfeit earns 3 points.
    • Winning where opponent retires 3 earns points.
    • Losing a match but winning at least one set earns loser 3 points.
  • Players may challenge up to 5 spots up.¬†*
    You may play someone who is ranked more than 5 positions higher than you. But, this will use up one of your free challenges. Players have a maximum of 3 free challenges !
  • Players may challenge down, up to 3 spots down.
  • A player can only be in 1 active challenge (issued or against) at a time.
  • A player may issue up to 1 challenge at a time.
  • A player must wait 7 days before re-challenging the same player.
  • After the match completes, the winner submits the match score.